Day 18 – Tallinn, Estonia πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ͺΒ 

April 26, 2017

My course is over, and I am starting my long journey “home.” πŸ˜ƒ I got to Tallinn and soon realized that I was at the wrong hotel. On my journey to locate the correct hotel, two elderly British ladies (who were even more lost than me) stopped to ask me for directions. Either it wasn’t obvious that I was also lost, or maybe it was obvious that I spoke English. Hopefully they found their way, because the lost gave the lost directions. The great thing about Tallinn Old Town is that you can wonder the streets without a map and still never really get too lost. 

This go-around I am staying at Olevi Hotel. While my room is just fine, it is a long maze through the hotel to find my room. It is amazing that even rooftops can make a great view, but I am so ready to get back to my Chugach mountain views. 

After wondering the streets and adding more doors to my collection, I went out to a fabulous dinner tonight with one of the local ladies from my course. Haapsalu was definitely not a town of hospitality, but both of my experiences in Tallinn have been quite the opposite. While I am ready to go home, I am glad that I have the opportunity to spend another day in Tallinn. 


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